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Created on 2009-04-11 02:06:20 (#33014), last updated 2011-10-23 (313 weeks ago)

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Name:A POC-only safe-space for Race & Class Discussion
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A POC only safe space for discussion of race and class
Please read The Rules before you join.

1. You can contact us at

2. This is a place for POC to speak of the intersection of race and class in its myriad forms. Articles, pics, personal stories of how its affected you, videos etc., all of that are welcome.

3. There will be no toleration of transphobia, gender phobia, sexual orientation phobia, classism, sexism, racism, etc. Now, people make mistakes lor' knows, including myself. I would prefer that the pointing out of said mistake be received in a spirit of learning, please. I saw a quote from an article yesterday that sums up my feelings towards this:

When we physically step on another's foot, we apologize. But, when we emotionally or psychologically step on another's heart or mind, we often become defensive and go out of our way to prove that we were, or had, the right to step in the first place!

The defensiveness? Please do not engage in it.Stop. Think and Listen, please. There will be three strikes and then you will be banned from the community. I and my fellow mods reserve the right to ban immediately however if the offense is grave enough.

4. No leet speak, chat speak or colourful fonts.

5.No flame wars or trolling will be allowed.

6. And no reposting of locked content outside of comm without the permission of the poster.

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colonialism influencing class, economics, education, environment, feminism and class, food and agriculture, globalization, industrial pollution, privilege, race and class, racism influencing class
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